Sunday, October 16, 2016


My tag sale on Saturday is now past history and I would deem it a success. I got rid of a lot of stuff and made a respectable amount of profit. I still had a lot left over. Funny, but the things that I thought would sell quickly were left behind and some others that I had some doubt about were sold.

Today I loaded most of the leftovers into my car and they will go to Savers tomorrow, a resale store whose profits go to Brothers and Sisters. A very few things that I think are quite valuable will go on Ebay, something I've never done before. My great niece, who lives out of town, came over today and since she has young children I gave her the Halloween things, including that fabulous witch puppet. Her husband took a few of the leather jackets and vests, free, of course (I sold two at the sale). I thought he looked very handsome in them and I think my husband would have been pleased. The rest will go to Savers.

It was a beautiful day, weather wise, although it was very cold in the morning at 7:30 when we set up. It was only about 32 degrees, but we were dressed for the occasion. It warmed up very nicely to the low 60's and thankfully there was no wind. We peeled off the layers as the day wore on.

I probably won't do this again, but it was a fun day.

This picture only shows a very small portion of what we had. It was up and down both sides of the driveway. My two friends, Claire and Suzanne, each had a couple of tables apiece. The rest, sorry to say, was mine.  

The next big event in my life is my sister's moving two doors down from me next Friday. She is coming from Long Island and I am so happy that she will be so close by. More about that later.

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LA Paylor said...

isn't that wonderful about your sis. And the fact that you made any profit just about beats any yard sale I ever had! The last one did us in... a woman showed up soon after opening, and asked, "what will you give me for free?"
My neighbor had some toys from her kids, watched a woman pick out a stuffie, buy it, and toss it to her dog in the back seat who began to tear it up! Right in front of the neighbor. Cole shopped at yard sales, and once picked out a stuffie too.
Funny the same stuff we lovingly buy, we want gone later. LeeAnna