Friday, October 14, 2016

More tag sale

How did I accumulate so much stuff?  And why did I hang onto it for so long. I keep unearthing more "treasures" every timeI go into the basement.

Here is just the tip if the iceberg:

I had this regulator clock in the kitchen in my old house and loved to hear it chime the hours.

A preponderance of blue and white things. I'm still blue and white, but no room for these.

                                                                  or these.

I have a table and a half of Halloween and Thanksgiving things. The wonderful witch is a large hand puppet.

I've come to the sad conclusion that I'll probably never be a grandmother so there is no use in saving this charming rosewood child's chair that was mine as a child and for which I made a new needlepoint seat.

Two very heavy Stiffel lamps with shades. They looked great in the living room of my old house but too big and heavy looking here.

I also came upon several framed pictures, some original oils and they are going out, too.

Right now everything is on tables in my garage. Two of my friends are also having a couple of tables and we are meeting here at 7:30 AM to haul the tables out into the driveway. I have a two-car-wide and two-car-deep driveway and it will be pretty full. Stop on by and say hello if you are anywhere near.

I'll let you know the results after I recover.

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