Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tag Sale

I moved into my current house fifteen years ago, after the death of my late husband. My former house was much bigger and I got rid of so much stuff. I had two huge tag sales, one of them I advertised as "It's a Guy Thing" where I sold tools, car stuff, etc. The other was just a regular tag sale. I hired a woman to help me and we did quite well.

Because this house has a large unfinished basement I brought way too much with me. Things I  thought I would use someday, and most of it has been languishing in the basement all these years. I have given a lot to Good Will and Savers and that's where all of my unwanted clothing goes.

I decided it was time to have another tag sale. I started putting things together in the garage and basement and planned to do it in the Spring. One thing or another got in the way and then it was summer and too hot. So I thought I should take advantage of this beautiful fall weather we are having and my sale will be this Saturday, one day only, 9-3, no early birds (those annoying people who get there when you are trying to set up so they can get the good bargains).

My late husband was a real clothes horse. I have hung on to these gorgeous leather coats and vests for way too long. My son does not want them so into the sale they will go. His other clothes went to charity, shortly after he died.

I also brought some art with me that did not go in this house. I remember buying this large signed and dated print in Newport, RI. It was perfect for the beach house we had in RI, but does not fit in here.
I have more and I will also be selling some of my Garden Studies (for the same price as they are on my web/blog)

These Lizzie High figures are collectible and I have several. In my old house I had a big bay window seat where I would set up seasonal displays, like this Thanksgiving trio. No place to display them here, so out they go. I also have Halloween Lizzie High and a quilting one (of course) so cute!

This is just a tiny sampling. I will try to get up some more pictures tomorrow. If you live near Danbury, CT, please stop by. 

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