Saturday, May 21, 2016

Massacre In My Garden

I purchased this charming little decorative birdhouse as an ornament for my back garden a few years ago. This year for the first time it was occupied by a cute little bird that I think is a Jenny Wren. I would watch her go in out of the the house, presumably to sit on her eggs.

BUT this is what greeted me this morning. As you can see, the house and its stand are pulled way over and nearly out of the ground.

I haven't done any planting yet this year and thats why things look so sparse.

On the ground beneath the house are the remnants of the nest. No sign of the eggs, which I assume were eaten. I wonder what could have done this. I'm thinking it was a raccoon because their nimble little hands could have reached into the small opening to pull out the nest.

I feel so bad for momma bird. I wonder if she will make a new nest and lay more eggs. What do you think?

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Regina B Dunn said...

Sadly, not a smart bird to choose that for a home. I once watched as a pair of great crested flycatchers had all three of their babies attacked and killed by blue jays after a snake chased them out of their bird box. I tried to save them, but the birds were too quick. I actually cried because I had watched daily as the pair raised them to almost the flying stage. But that's nature's way. The predators need food, too. Maybe you can put a good bird box in a safe location for the wrens and they will try again. We put one nailed to the eave of our house and wrens build two nests there each year.