Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Need a Name

I finally got around to quilting this top that I made a few months ago. I was away a lot and busy with other projects and wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it. Ultimately I just let the piece speak to me and quilted each section separately according to its design.

If you saw it before, you may remember that everything in this piece, except for the pink Dupioni silk, started as plain white fabric. It was all then hand dyed and had one or several forms of surface design applied: soy wax resist, thickened dye painting, stamping, painting, or bleach discharge.

It measures 31" W x 42" L.

I even like the back, although the quilting shows up more in person.

Sooooo, I need a name, something I usually have no trouble with. Since it's all about surface design, maybe something to go along with that.... "Playing On the Surface", a name that my FiberWorks group once gave to a show that was about surface design.

I like the way the fabrics talk to each other, so maybe "Conversations".

It has a lot of circles, so maybe something with a circular name.

I don't know, I'm open to suggestions.


Quilt+Bitch said...

I really like the title "Conversation" or "In a Conversation".
Along those lines maybe something like "In Deep Thought" or "Thoughts" or "A Surprise".

A beautiful piece.

Anonymous said...

In the Pink