Monday, May 16, 2016

By a Thread

I did something to my back this week, I wish I knew what. I so seldom get sick that it was a real eyeopener to me. I cancelled all activities on Friday and hung around icing my back and taking pain killers and doing stretches, but I was bound and determined to go to this opening on Saturday. I took a strong painkiller in the morning and by 3PM when I had to leave I was feeling pretty good, not 100%, but not too bad.

I was so glad that I was able to attend since the opening was fabulous! There was some amazing work there and I was so pleased to be included in this show. The opening was very well attended and it was pretty much wall to wall people for the three hours I was there. Fortunately I got there early to get a parking space and to be able to take pictures. I will show you a few today and please come back for more. Remember to click on any picture for a bigger view of all.

Here is one of my pieces in the show, Ravishing Red. I know that you have seen it before. I like the way it was hung near  Sooo-z Mastropietro's piece made out of jersey tubes, her medium. We both used turquoise and red to good advantage.

A better view of Sooo-z's.

Again my piece, Salsa City, was well placed near Redbird by Jodi Ann Etrmiska in the corner. Her medium is cut paper and nylon thread.

This very large piece, Snowmoon by Jennifer Davies, greeted you as you entered the first room. I am only guessing about the size, but I would say it was about 5 feet in diameter. It was made of string, ink, and handmade paper. It was stunning!

Kimono Form: Very Loud Message From Fukushima by Arle´ Solar-Weinstein. Vinyl tape, cotton, thread, ceramic beads, ink cartridge rollers.

Majesty of the Slow White Crawl by Ellen Schiffman. Made from Q-tips. Detail below.

Ellen does the most amazing things with unusual items such as Q-tips, tape, metal hardware and recyclables. From a distance this looks like coral.

For some strange reason Blogger is not allowing me to post pictures in the usual way and I have to drag them into the post, rather tedious. So please come back and I will show you some more and hopefully Blogger will be in a better mood. I've never had this happen before.

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