Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life Is Just a Bowl of.......


I just returned form a wonderful trip to upper Michigan, a part of the US about which I knew nothing prior to this trip. Our first stop was Traverse City, a most delightful town.  I also did not know that this is the cherry growing capitol of the world and there were cherries everywhere, at road side stands, on the menu in some form or another at every restaurant and one fabulous store called  The Cherry Republic, where you could buy everything cherry.  Wine, candy, ice-cream, pastries, bread, chutney, sauces and much more.

That is cherry wine in its many forms.  Of course we sampled and of course we purchased.  We also went to a winery, one of many in the area, where we sampled some more.  Yummy!
They had 12 different flavors of ice cream (this only shows half of the case) all cherry something. Delicious!
If you click on the picture you can read the flavors.

We happened upon this neat farmers market with all kinds of fresh produce and the ubiquitous cherries.
We bought a box to eat in the car and they were sooo good.

Come back tomorrow and I'll share more of my trip.


Shannon said...

The cherries look delicious! The only thing I ever did in Traverse City (I grew up in the southwest) was go to an orthopedist after I nearly cut my finger off at Girl Scout Camp. Camp was still pretty fun and lovely though!

Vivien Zepf said...

I LOVE cherries and had no idea they were the Big Thing in Traverse City. Next time I'm in the Midwest, perhaps I'll find time to take a detour.