Monday, June 29, 2015

After the Ball

If you follow my blog you know that this past Saturday was the opening reception for my solo show at the Brookfield Craft Center. It was such an exciting day for me.  I had relatives coming from Baltimore, New Jersey, and Long Island. They came to my house first for lunch and then we went over to the show in caravan. They brought me beautiful flowers and made me feel like Queen for a Day.
All of my publicity paid off and the reception was very crowded.  For the first hour and a half it was wall to wall people.  I was losing my voice from talking so much, meeting old and new friends, explaining pieces and techniques.

Beautiful arrangements gracing my home thanks to out of town relatives.

I did not get pictures of everything.  I took the above after hanging the show on Thursday, but before the fine tuning. Any stray wires dangling from the bottom of the quilts were rolled up out of sight before the show.
I had my phone in my hand for the first half hour and never took a picture because I was so busy greeting people so I finally put it away. My sister took a few and the director took a lot, but they are on a CD that I have to pick up later this week.

Out of town relatives.

                              Part of the crowd scene.

                               Explaining how I did it.

 My Garden Studies were displayed on little easels and they were very popular.  I sold 12 out of 18  that night.

My framed landscapes were also popular.  Four out of six sold.

They had a nice selection of food and drink. This is just part of the table that ran through the center of the room.

When we were hanging the show on Thursday they asked me to give a brief description of each quilt and its techniques to put on a sheet of paper to be handed out if guests wanted them.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had put them in this pamphlet in a nice acrylic display box. This is one of the quilts that was in the show.

I didn't sell any of the pieces on the wall and I didn't expect to.  The show will be up until July 18, so you never know, but I deemed the show a big success.  I think a lot of people learned a lot about art quilts.

Now I have to get busy in my studio again.  I have 4 pieces due in September. One is pieced and has to be quilted and the other three are still in my head. And the Craft Center wants some more Garden Studies.


Anonymous said...

Oh Norma

How exciting! I am so happy for your success. Hope to see your show soon.

Heather Pregger said...

Congratulations, Norma! It looks like a fabulous opening!

Sue said...

Been following, but not commenting. So happy and excited for you. Well deserved accolades. You look stunning and gorgeous and proud. What next ?????

LA Paylor said...

what a crowd! You look beautiful with your quilt too. What a lot of sales!!! LeeAnna

quiltedfabricart said...

Fantastic! I'm so glad it went well. The space looked beautiful and it does my heart good to see the art community recognize art quilts.

Peggy French said...


Sue Kaufman said...

Hurray!! Absolutely fantastic show, your work is so beautiful, and all hung perfectly together. I particularly love your hand dyed shibori pieces. Thank you for sharing it with all of us who couldn't attend. With love from Sue said...

Norma, you show is beautiful! You have created light, airy, uplifting art that would look wonderful in any home or office. Congratulations!

Shannon said...

I love seeing the pictures of your show! It's great to see a bunch of your beautiful work hanging together all at once!!

Vivien Zepf said...

I'm disappointed I wasn't able to attend your hoping, but I'm so happy for you on everything -- the exhibition, the turn-out, the sales. EVERYTHING!! Woo hoo!