Monday, October 20, 2014

SPUN at Etui

First I should say that I am so happy to have my blog back.  I'm not really sure what happened, but my blog was compromised by a "gadget" (a real blogging term) and I had to remove it to get things working again. I went to the Mall on Sunday morning for a One to One lesson, one of the huge advantages of having a Mac.  You get a year's worth of lessons for $99, and can take as many as one a week.  I figure that even if I only take four or five, it's a bargain. For some strange reason I was able to access my blog there (like going to the dentist and the toothache goes away) and we could get behind the scenes of my blog and find the offending gadget.  My instructor was a terrific woman who is also an artist and we really clicked and I learned a few new tricks from her. I also upgraded to the newest operating system. I should go more often.

Now back to the above announcement.  It sure would have been nice to show it to you before the opening, but as I said my blog was not operational. I was so pleased that they chose a detail of my quilt to put on the announcement.  That's mine, the second from the left.

The opening was very nice with pretty good attendance.  If you look at the list of artists, you will see that I was in good company.  There was a nice diversity in the show, as it was not all art quilts, but also fiber sculpture, knitting, weaving, felting, and other installations. I don't want to show you the whole show in case you live close enough to visit, but just a few to whet your appetite.

Susan Lenz. These real spools of thread were over-embroideredwith photos on each cap.

Jeanne Flannigan was at the opening and she told me about her piece, which was woven out of heavy watercolor paper that she has dyed with fabric dye, sliced into strips and did what she call "mad weaving"  It was fascinating.

Desert Grasses by Betty Hazlett

Jamie Horikowa used Japanese linen samples for her piece, enhanced with hand sewing.

This candy looked good enough to eat, but they were each intricately beaded pieces by Victoria  Swann. No calories!

Who knew that black fabric with white scrim and grey appliqué could be so exciting?  Janice Stevens did and I loved this piece.  The intense quilting added to the drama.

Natalya Atkins' piece is exemplary of her latest style where she uses plastic bags for her backgrounds, which she then paints and stitches by hand.  This was the largest wall hanging there.

Cecelia Leiseroff, They Came From Outer Space.

The wall with my quilt.  The size restrictions for this small gallery asked for small quilts.  I liked the way these quilts worked together.  The gallery owner, Julie, was going to adjust the lighting so that Benedicte Caneill's on the far right would be better lit.  It was near the window, so during the day it looked fine. I thought I had taken a close-up of Barbara Sferra's to the left of mine. The quilting and beading were outstanding and I thought we made a good pair.

Be sure to click on any picture to see larger view of all and see some of the incredible detail on these works.  Now that I'm up and running I have more to show, so come back and visit soon.


Heather Pregger said...

Thank you for the pictures, Norma! I wish I could have been there!

Shannon said...

Congrats on getting the blog fixed! Hooray! And thanks for sharing some of the pieces from the show. I'm part of a fiber artists group here, and it's always so fun to see the non-quilty (weaving, spinning, art-knitting stuff) I'm just blown away and the samples you showed were fabulous.

Martha Ginn said...

What a fascinating exhibit; congratulations on being a part of it, and having your piece on the invitation--always a thrill. Glad you got your blog gremlins taken are of.