Saturday, April 19, 2014


You know that I like to decorate for the seasons and holidays and Easter is no exception.  But it only take me about 15 minutes to get my Easter things out.  If only I could do that for Christmas.  I always love the bunnies that the stores have out for Easter, especially the soft stuffed ones.  Every year I ooh and ahh over them but since I have no grandchildren (sigh) I resist the temptation. But some other bunnies have found their way into my house.

Before you get into my house you are greeted by this bunny on the wreath.  I put this wreath together a few years ago and although the flowers and bow still looked fine, his overalls were faded to almost white, so I took them off and dyed them this light blue.

I have a collection of miniature dress forms that I display in my studio so this bunny dress form just hopped right into my cart at Home Goods.  However she is not in my studio, but on the fireplace mantel.

Here's a cute little semi-soft bunny on the kitchen counter with my Easter cookie jar and cabbage leaf bunny with eggs and yet another rabbit.

This is also a stuffed fabric bunny that has been coated with something to make it very stiff.  He holds court in the living room holding a pot of flowers in front of a pot of tulips.

This little guy is tiny, measuring about 4 inches from the base of the basket to the top of the handle.   Don't you just love the idea of a bunny with a chocolate bunny? And notice his patchwork carrot!

This bisque bunny is on my hall table holding a basket of Easter candy.

In my previous much bigger home I used  to have an Easter egg tree that I made out of faux forsythia branches. I had a nice collection of decorated eggs that hung from it with pastel satin ribbons. It was so pretty, but no room for it in this house. Instead I bought a few pots of daffodils and tulips and have a lovely bouquet of cut tulips on the coffee table.  As I said, so easy.

I know that Easter is about much more than the Easter Bunny and I wish you all a happy, blessed Easter!

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