Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

As in previous years I spent the day at my niece, Lauren's, she of the gourmet cook and fabulous hostess reputation.  It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny, if a little chilly.

Her table, as usual was a feast for the eyes..  She always does something different.  This year she folded the fringed napkins so that they looked like bunnies complete with cotton tails made from white carnations. So cute.  The food was delish, also, no good photos.

She always makes a special cocktail of the day.  Here she is holding a key lime martini, looking good with her lime tunic and the key lime pie that I had made.

The children (my niece's grandchildren) looked so cute.  Check out dapper Charlie at 2 1/2.

And here are mom and dad holding fashionista, Millie, just over a year old.

And here we are, my sister with her Easter bonnet with Lauren and me.

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Sue said...

She is one talented hostess…..obviously inherited from her equally talented Aunt. Great picture of the 3 of you. S