Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Show Pictures

After those two long blogs that I did earlier in the week for my blog and the FANE blog, I needed to take a break.  Here I am going to show you some more pictures from the NSQG show.

These next three are from the Black and White Challenge at the guild show. These were hung high, so they all look out of square, which they weren't.

Carolyn Cooney, who always does the most fabulous trees.  This one, as most of her work is very three dimensional.

Cathy Billing's Chameleon in my favorite shade of lime green.

Nancy Mirman's Houses III with one of those cute polka-dot ribbons

These next are from the Deck of Cards challenge.

Here are all 52 cards in the deck.  The face cards are on the black background to the left.

Susan Osinoff's Queen of Hearts

Mayann Weinberg's Nine of Clubs

King of Clubs by Cheryl Kosarek

Next are a few of my favorites in the judged section.

Donna Chamber's "Mermaid Mariah and Her Circles of Souls".  This didn't win a ribbon, but I thought it deserved one.

Close-up of Donna's quilt.  Her attention to detail is amazing.

Mary Cannizaro won a first  prize in Bed Quilts machine quilted by maker. It was beautifully done and was perfectly flat. I think she also won Viewer's Choice.

Detail of Mary's quilt.  She machine quilted it from the back, following the design of the appliques she had done.  Stunning!

Judy Gignessi's Farmland, painted and stitched.  No ribbon here, either, but I loved it.

Joe Cunningham was a guest speaker.  I heard one of his lectures, very amusing and entertaining.  HIs work is quite unusual and striking.

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