Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shibori class

Here are just a few samples from the shibori class I mentioned in my last post.  Each one uses a different technique or type of shibori.

Under-painted,  pleated, diagonal pole wrap, then dyed

Pleated, pole wrapped,.painted on pole and then dyed.

Diagonal pole wrap and dyed

Folded, clamped, dyed

Folded, clamped, diagonal pole wrap, painted on pole and dyed

Painted, pleated, straight pole wrapped, dyed

This is just a very small sampling. Most of them are about fat quarter size.  The ones I ended up using for my final composition are all Itajime, or fold/clamped. I am working on piecing it right now, so I can't show any of the pieces.

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Cindy Green said...

Wow, they're gorgeous! I'm so impressed! I bet you're going to come up with some equally gorgeous quilts! Can't wait for that!