Thursday, July 26, 2012

Renga Step 3

I've written before about the Renga challenges that I am involved in.  It's a round robin of sorts that involves surface design.  In this group, FANE, we were sectioned off into groups of four, so that each person would do some sort of surface design, starting with a plain white
 fat-quarter of fabric.

Judy  started this one doing a pale light blue shibori, very subtle.  Then Linda got it and held the fabric vertically and literally poured  paint down one side.  In trying to square up the photo she gave me, I had to lop off a bit of the left side.

I took bubble wrap and cut it into shapes resembling Linda's paint pours and used it to stamp the same colors she had used, first bright blue, then yellow and then soft green.  I also did two layers on one of Linda's paint pours to make it cohesive. My stamping appears brighter and darker in person.

It will be interesting to see what the fourth and final person does to it.

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