Monday, August 1, 2011


I wish all plants were as easy to grow as succulents. With a nice sunny spot and very little water they will give you a splendid display all summer long and, if you're lucky, into the winter inside the house.

Here's a new pot I put together at the beginning of the season. I mostly leave it alone and let it get watered when it rains. It's in a pretty grayish blue pot that looks good with the blue/gray plant, the pinkish one and the trailing variety that hangs over the edge of the pot down to the table top. All pictures are clickable for a bigger view.

This little garden was put together by my friend, Carolyn, who has been growing this Hens and Chicks variety for years and is very generous about sharing. Thank you, Carolyn. You can see that the Hen in front has sprouted several little Chicks.

This was also new this year and is called "Mother of Millions".

Looking down at the plant you can see the little babies growing all along the sides of the leaves.

When they get big enough, they fall off and if they fall onto dirt will propagate into new plants. In my case they fall onto the glass table top, especially after a heavy rain, as we had this afternoon. The first picture of this plant, two pictures back, has quite a lot of babies knocked off. They were also all over the deck. Hmmmm....maybe the chipmunks will eat them.


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Norma. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'm enjoying your blog and your lovely artwork. Your shibori is so beautiful. And of course, your succulent post is a big hit with me. i've got millions of "Mother of millions" but never knew the name. So appropriate. Yup, they just drop their babies, which start growing...anywhere. Beware!
best, nadia

Angie said...

Hi, lovely blog! I was wondering if you knew the name of the small vining succulent. Mine is dying and I don't even know how to look up info on its care. Thanks so much and God bless! Angie