Thursday, June 16, 2011

Surface Design

My small quilt group, the Scrapbag Quilt Artists, has a challenge each year which results in a show at the library. I've posted them over the years. The theme for this year is "Surface Design" with a size of 25" x 25". Here's what I've done so far. The fabric with purple in it is a folded clamped shibori that I made a few years ago and have been waiting for the opportunity to use. The dark blue with the wavy lines is stitched shibori. The polka-dotted fabric is stamped with bubble wrap and the dark blue with straight lines is made from a stamp made with rubber bands wrapped around a block of wood. Both of those stampings are done on my hand-dyed fabric. The narrow purple strips are Dupioni silk, the only element in the quilt that is not surface design.

I can't decide how to quilt it. I'm thinking of emphasizing the circles by quilting circles, either by hand with big stitches or by free-motion machine quilting. I also cannot think of a title. Any suggestions?


Ethne said...

This looks great, what about 'Indigo Tiles'
I'm trying to experiment with Shibori resit dyeing myself at the moment, spent quite a bit of time stitching last weekend, dyed the sample but the effect was minimal - I think I need to get heavier thread and try again

Vivien Zepf said...

This is very striking. I don't have any good quilting suggestions at the moment. Did you take a picture and try drawing lines on top to work out some of your ideas?