Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Three and a half weeks ago while getting my patio furniture out of the basement, I picked up a small glass top table by the side (dumb move) and the top fell off with the edge of the glass hitting my big toe. I saw stars! Fortunately I had my heavy rubber gardening shoes and socks on. I hobbled upstairs and removed shoe and sock. No blood, that's a good thing and I could wiggle the toe, not broken, so I thought. I filled a pot with ice water and soaked it on and off through the day.
It was still hurting a lot the next day and the next, but I didn't go to the doctor because I thought that there was nothing to do for a broken toe and I thought it was just a bad bruise.
The foot on the big toe side turned lovely shades of black and blue and the outside of my foot and up my calf were also painful. I was to meet a friend in NYC to see an exhibit at the Met and I cancelled that. I wanted to be in good shape for my upcoming Chicago trip the following week.
I went to Chicago (See a few posts back to read about it) and had a grand old time, but the foot was killing me the whole time. We did a lot of walking!
Yesterday, although my foot was feeling a whole lot better, I went to the podiatrist. He X-rayed it a declared the toe broken. He was amazed that I was walking on it for that long. So now I have to tape the toe every morning to keep it from flexing. No high heels (that's no problem) and no power walking. I usually walk for an hour every morning with my friend. I see him again in two weeks for another X-ray.
Moral of the story........if you drop something heavy on your foot, see a doctor. Although, if I did, he probably would have told me not to go to Chicago. We had such a good time, it was worth the pain.
I know I'll never be a foot model. Look at that foot! Actually it looks better that usual because of the slight swelling. All my veins and tendons usually stick way out.

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