Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Before I left for Chicago, my peony bushes were covered with buds, the best in years. I think that peonies like cold winters with a lot of snow cover, just what we had this past winter. I was afraid that they would all open while I was away and I wouldn't have any to pick for the house. So I picked a small bouquet of the tightly closed buds, put them in a glass vase with water and put them on the concrete floor of my very cool basement. When I got home I was rewarded with these.

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Sue said...

One of the things I really miss about living in the north. Last week in Vancouver and Portland, despite the cold and rain, the peonies were out along with the gorgeous hydrangeas....However, altho it was Rose Festival week and it should have been a glorious show as in other years that I've been there, there were only small buds on the bushes and no color....too cold.
Enjoying your travel logs....and the great pictures.