Monday, October 25, 2010

Succulent Succulents

I mentioned in my last blog that my succulents were terrible this year. That is true of my usual Hens and Chicks variety. For some reason they just looked awful. In other years they were so pretty that I took many pictures that I played with in Photshop and turned into a quilt. You can see the quilt here.

But this container of new succulents turned out just fine. I chose them because they are winter hardy, although if I leave the pottery container out, it will break from the frost. I'm not sure if I'll take them inside, or take the plants out of the pot and sink them in the ground for the winter.

I love the way this variety turned a lovely coppery color. That's just happened in the past couple of weeks.

This variety trailed very prettily over the side of the pot and onto the table.


Natalya Aikens said...

hmmmm..... i think i see an inkling of another cabbage quilt?

norma said...