Monday, October 11, 2010

More St. Petersburg

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, named for the spot where Alexander II was mortally wounded.
The interior of the church was entirely covered with gilded mosaics. I took many photos, but am just showing this one. Remember to click on each picture for a larger view.

Of course we visited the famous and fabulous Hermitage Museum. It is one of the world's most richly endowed museums and contains magnificent art treasures.. It is actually a collection of buildings joined together and was beautiful from floor...... ceiling.
We were so lucky to be there early in the morning before the crowds arrived. It was like having a private tour. By the time we left it was getting very crowed.

The museum was everything we had heard of and more. There was work there by just about any famous artist you had ever heard of from all periods.

This is a shot from an OPEN, yes OPEN window in the museum. It was amazing that there were windows with sun shining on these priceless works of art. That's the way it's always been.

This was part of a large mosaic under glass where the pieces were about the size of a seed bead.

This room had portraits of Russian generals lining both sides of the room.

We couldn't resist being photographed next to this Picasso painting, Two Sisters.

That evening we were treated to a Tchaikovsky concert after dinner in this sumptuous room at the hotel. The music was splendid and as an extra treat there was a Pas de Deux from Swan Lake. It literally brought me to tears, it was so beautiful.

The other end of the room Notice the stained glass windows at either end.

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