Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Moscow

Just a few pictures today as I continue with my travelogue of my Baltic/Russian tour.

Isn't this the image that first comes to mind when you think of Moscow? It is the magnificent St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square, built in the 16th century to celebrate the victory over the Mongol Tatars. We only got to peek inside, but were told that it is a warren of dark and chilly rooms reached by treacherous, worn stairs without railings and winding , narrow passageways. We were content to see the exterior and savor being on Red Square, which is huge and impressive.

We had dinner on our own one night at a Ukrainian Restaurant. This was our adorable waitress. The food was good, but we weren't used to having so many smokers in the room. I guess we're spoiled here by having our eateries smoke-free.

On a pedestrian bridge over a river, we saw these lock trees. Tradition has it that the groom puts a lock on a tree on his wedding day and throws the key in the river, to signify the everlasting union of their marriage.

The joke is that if there is a divorce, he is supposed to retrieve his key from the river and unlock the lock.

Speaking of weddings, we saw so many here and in St. Petersburg. Weddings are held all days of the week, not just on weekends as they are here in the USA. The ceremony (usually civil) is held in the morning and then the wedding party spends all day going from one historic site to another having their pictures taken. The receptions are held in the evening.

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