Monday, June 7, 2010

Mahopac Show

The opening at the Mahopac Library was a big success. We had a pretty good crowd and hopefully more will go to see it while it is there until June 30. The space is lovely with dense cork walls that are a good contrast to the white canvases on which each work was mounted.
You can see that there was great diversity to the show. There was no theme, yet the white canvases united them all.
Each picture is clickable for a bigger view.

Here's Nike admiring Natalya's lovely piece.

My piece, "Recapitulation".

The view from the reception room at this beautiful library.


Diane Wright said...

Thank you for sharing!

What were the group's parameters? Size for the common canvas?

And, how did you affix your work?

Very interesting. I hope I get to see it.

norma said...

The quilts could be no larger than 14" on any side and the canvases were 18" square. The quilts were hand sewn to the canvases.