Monday, October 27, 2008

Lanterns and Deer at Nara

One of the several shrines we visited was the Kasuga Grand Shrine in Nara which is accented by about 2,000 of these beautiful stone lanterns. Each one was donated to the shrine in memory of someone.

This is a tori gate leading to a small shrine in the woods. Notice the lanterns.

This is the path leading to the big shrine, lined with more lanterns.

I tried to show the scope of the lanterns all through the woods, but I didn't do very well.

More lanterns along the path. I love the mossy tops. They are only lit on one day a year, with candles, for a special holiday. It must be a sight to see!

Here's a little deer peeping through the lanterns. Supposedly all the deer, about 2,000, are all descended from one albino sacred deer from long, long ago. The deer roam freely all over and it is illegal to harm them. They don't bother you unless you buy deer cookies from the vendors.

And that's what my friend Mickey did. Here they are being rather polite and waiting their turn.

Now they're getting very aggressive. They eventually knocked Mickey onto the wall behind her. I couldn't get a picture. A woman came and shooed them away enough so that Mickey could get up.

After she got up, she tossed her remaining crumbs to them.

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