Friday, July 20, 2018

Party Report

I showed you the fabulous find of the shibori printed boxes that I found at Joanne's a few weeks ago, but forgot to post how I used them for my party.

 I put them on the side table in the dining room, large dinner napkins in the bigger box and smaller napkins for dessert in the smaller boxes. I put the utensils in glass tumblers with blue rims. Another amazing find was the Melamine Tommy Bahama dishes on sale at Marshall's. I bought all they had. Don't they also look like shibori?

The table also had a shibori runner and placemats that I had made. This was a part of the entree: medium rare cold filet, homemade potato salad, green salad (with beets, goat cheese and walnuts) fruit salad, and shrimp. Not out yet was the salmon baked with pesto butter (served hot) and baked beans. Everyone said it was delicious and I agree.
Appetizers had been served earlier. Dessert was to come later.

Red and white fresh roses for my centerpiece. I thought that the stitched circle shibori on the table runner looked like fire works.

It was a fun party and I was blessed with an absolutely perfect weather day after a week of very hot and humid. Everyone wanted to stay outside on the deck, which is where we ate.

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Linda M said...

What a beautiful setting and the food looked so yummy, no wonder the party was a success. Our small Joanns didn't have the shibori boxes or if they did someone else had already snatched them up.