Friday, November 3, 2017


Children are adorable all over the world and this was no exception. Here are just a few.

This little charmer was outside a temple we were visiting. Around the corner was her older sister selling postcards or books. The children would descend on you as soon as you got off the bus and follow you relentlessly trying to make a sale. We were encouraged not to buy from them because the government wants them to be in school. If you asked them why they were not in school they would say they were on vacation or they only went a half day. But they were hard to resist.

The shoes? We had to take them off when we went into temples.

This cutie-pie was at the complex that we visited that made wine and other things out of rice. Her mother had
told her to stay on that chair and although she wriggled and squirmed, she stayed put.

The child doing the beating on this loom is helping her mother with weaving floor mats. She was ten years old and again, was "on vacation".

We visited an NGO where they had a rudimentary classroom. How cute are these kids?!

Ignore the really horrible picture of me, but this is at that same NGO. The children just grabbed our hands as we walked around. They didn't speak much English. I wished that we had had some gifts to give them, but we were not forewarned.

These children were at a museum we visited. They appeared to be of nursery schools age and were so full of energy. There were several groups there, all distinguished by their uniforms, which seemed to be shirts, jumpers, or jackets that they could put on over their own clothes.

She was relaxing in a hammock in her home. We visited a farm and were able to go into the house. Hammocks are very common in this hot climate, a cool way to take a break.

Please come back for more, I'm not done yet!

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Linda M said...

I've just gone through all the travel posts, what a wonderful trip! I think the humidity would have done me in but what a fabulous opportunity to experience a totally different culture.