Sunday, December 11, 2016

New Book

I order quite a bit on line, especially at Christmas, so I wasn't surprised to see a package at my door, altho I didn't recognize the sender. When I opened it I was delighted to see a copy of Martha Sielman's latest treasure, Art Quilts International-Abstract and Geometric. According to Martha's introduction she received more that 1,300 entries from 461 artists. From these she chose 97 gallery and 19 featured artists. I am one of the gallery artists.

 Pat Pauly, another gallery artist, had her quilt Mummy Bags Influence, on the cover.

I am on page 51 with my quilt Salsa City. It has always been one of my favorite quilts and I'm so glad that it was chosen. The photography is good (although I did have my issues) and you can see all the free motion quilting. The colors are also true, often a problem in publishng.

I must confess that I haven't had time to read it. I have flipped through it briefly and now I'm going page by page and then I will go back and read it all, especially the interviews with the featured artists. I see a lot of familiar names and some that are new to me.

Wouldn't this make a nice gift for someone interested in art quilts? It is available on Amazon.


Anonymous said...

WOW, Norma
That's wonderful and the quilt looks great.
Carole Hoffman

Sarah said...

Congratulations, your quilt is a beauty and worthy of a full page photo!

LA Paylor said...

oh! congratulations! Well deserved! AND it's like it happened for me, since we're friends lol! I can't imagine seeing in print in one of her art books... so cool

Barb Dorry said...

Congratulations on having your quilt in this book. Well deserved! I am so privileged to have gotten to know you in 2016!