Sunday, December 4, 2016

Grab Bag Treasure

Today we had our regional Surface Design Association holiday meeting. We had a grab bag where participants were encouraged to contribute something hand made. I was so delighted with what I received. It is a gorgeous handmade journal by Charlotte Hedlund. You can see more of her beautiful work on her website.

Being a big blue and white person, the colors could not have been more perfect. I know nothing about making books, but I could see the work that went into it.
It is perfectly square, but my photography makes it look skewed. It isn't. She included a little note inside telling what everything was made of.

The cover, made of indigo cave paper. Remember it really is square, about 6 inches.

The book opened out flat, face down so that you can see the whole design.

Endpapers are ecoprints on cotton rag.

Even the spine is a work of art.

What did I contribute to the grab bag? A set of my shibori napkins in blue and white.

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Linda M said...

Wow, what a lovely gift, the end papers are making me swoon.