Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Santas

I went to Stew Leonard's this morning when they opened at 7 AM to get my holiday groceries. I had seen a segment on TV yesterday saying that this would be the busiest shopping day of the year and I sure didn't want to get caught in that crush. It turned out to be a good shopping experience. I had a pull-thru parking space right in front of the store and whizzed thru my list. 

Before I left I went over to their Christmas shop to see if they still had the Rockette ornament that I had seen the other day. I thought that I would buy one in honor of my niece. She and her family already have several. This one would be for me.

Much to my delight they still had a few left, although not the high kicker I was going to get. To make it ever better, all ornaments were reduced 50%. Very nearby were some international Santas that I had not spotted before,

Isn't she cute? Since she has a Santa costume on, she fits right in with the other Santas.  Hard to tell here, but her costume is all sparkly.

The tag didn't say, but I think he must be German or Austrian judging by the beer stein in his hand and the castle at his feet.

A jolly Irish Santa replete with shamrock, green beer and pot of gold.
Ho, ho, ho!  


Regina B Dunn said...

That Rockette ornament is adorable. So cool that your niece is one. Have a Merry Christmas.

Linda M said...

I love seeing your ornaments every year and how special to have a Rockette one. Growing up in NY I always dreamed of going to the city to see the dancers and the trees, etc but never did so I'm glad you had pictures to share. Merry Christmas.

LA Paylor said...

I'd forgotten your Santa collection. The rockette is just hilarious and beautiful. Great addition.