Monday, April 27, 2015


In this year of the Winter-That-Would-Never-End, we were giving up hope of ever seeing Spring.. But although it is still cooler than it should be and we even had snow flurries a couple of days ago, some things are being brave and poking through. 

Hope springs eternal.


Regina B Dunn said...

I have certainly felt for all you Northerners this year. I grew up in Michigan so I know how it feels when the gray skies go on and on. Hope you have a nice, long summer.

Laura McGrath said...

Hi Norma, just got back from the quilt show in Somers, NY and saw three of your quilts there. I especially loved the one with different shades of green! Beautiful work, and it's so nice to see them in person instead of just in pictures on a blog.

LA Paylor said...

Yea! Life continues in flowers! Beautiful colors in the pics... does it make you want to make something in those colors? It does make me want to