Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Who'd have thunk it?

Today was our Woman's Club annual Arts and Crafts competition.  I always enter a few things, but can no longer enter quilts since I have sold a few things (although not recently) and am considered a pro.  You may remember this piece since I blogged about it here a while back asking which version I should donate to the Brookfield Craft Center as part of a fund raiser.  The other two were made of lots of little pieces fused down and then heavily machine stitched.  Most voted for one of those and that's what I donated.  They each took a lot of time.  This was just a photo transfer with some machine stitching to enhance the photo. I decided to enter it anyway, because I still thought it looked pretty good, but not great.

One of the categories is Stationery, and the sub category Stitched.  I was a Judge's Clerk, who follows the judges around and writes down the winners and place the ribbons.  Well, one of the judges went ecstatic over my little card and this was after seeing a lot of the other work.  Of course she didn't know it was mine. She gave it a First in its category and then after all the judging, a Best of Show is picked and they picked my little post card.

I really was rather embarrassed since some of the work there had taken ages to do......a fabulous mixed media painting, a beautiful woven scarf, some exquisite photography,  stunning stenciling, knitting, etc..  But I took my ribbon and ran.

I also got blue ribbons for my Shibori scarf, my silk tie scarf and one of my photos.

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Linda M said...

Congratulations! It's well deserved even though it didn't have as much time in it.

LA Paylor said...

it shows so much depth for something so small, award deserved! LeeAnna

quiltedfabricart said...

Congratulations! It is very striking with great perspective. Very pleasing. Sometimes the simple things are best although it's hard for us to do simple :-)

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Norma, it is the composition and depth that captured the Judge's eye. I particularly loved how the pink wild flower mirrors the shape of the pine trees. I also love how your work was posted next to Linda M's fern on Nina's sight. Triangular shapes really draw the eye.

Sarah said...

I agree it was well deserved, it's a lovely little piece! Congratulations