Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Although I rarely wear pink or use it in my work, I love it in my garden. I usually mix it with a little purple- blue, as in my scaevola plants (blue fan flower) or blue salvia, and a little touch of yellow or white, but mostly my flowers are pink, all shades of pink.

Senorita Cleome





New Guinea Impatiens

Coral Bells

New Guinea Impatiens

Sedum, Brilliance

Hydrangea  This picture was taken last year.  It has been a very bad year for Hydrangea because of our very cold, very long winter, so I don't know if I will get all these glorious blooms this year.  It's a small plant, but usually blooms all summer. Nobody's hydrangeas look good this year.

Knock-out Roses



Wax leaf Begonia


Hilary Florence said...

You are obviously as keen on your garden as you are on quilting Norma. Beautiful blooms. Funny how we use colour in our lives. I've lots of pink in my garden too, but I wouldn't wear it either!

Carol said...

I love pink - thanks for the "eye candy"!

Linda M said...

Gorgeous flowers! I'd love to see the whole garden.