Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Woman's Club Arts and Crafts Competition.

Every year in February our club has an A&C competition for its members.  The First Place winners go to the District competition in April and those First Places go on to the State in May.
I can no longer enter quilted things because there is a limit to how much you can earn in that category before being considered a professional.  I've been lucky enough to make a few good sales these past two years, so I have to enter something else.  I've showed them all before in the blog, so click on the links if you want to see them.

My red silk jacket looked pretty good on the stand I concocted and I got so many compliments on it and it did win a first place in Sewing, Adult clothing.  They couldn't see the poor fit on me and they loved the French knots.

My cute little purse only won a second because the judges were more impressed with the other entry's many-pocketed inside. Mine only had pockets on the outside.

I entered a fabric postcard birthday card and I forgot to take a picture.  It won a First in Stationery, fabric.

I entered three photographs and won a First and Second, and Third in two different categories.  Photography is a very popular category and there are always a lot of entries.

I also entered two necklaces. Jewelry is usually a small category, but this year there were several and ones much better than mine won.  That's OK because now I can wear them and not have to wait to get them back in April or May. Again, I didn't photograph them.

It was a very good competition this year with many entires.  For a couple of years it had been dwindling, but we've been talking it up and I guess it worked.  Best of Show went to a new member with her altered book in the Creative Materials category.  It was fabulous!

I think this is the first blog post I ever did without pictures.  Sorry, I'll do better next time.


Sue said...

I'll bet the other entrants shudder when they see your entries !! Nice going as usual.

Sue said...

PS……Share the photographs !

Vivien Zepf said...

Wow, Norma; congratulations on all these successes!

sandra scott said...

I'll buy the red jacket…it's lucious!!