Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In the Works

The FANE group of which I am a member has decided on the theme of our next exhibit, "Architectural Elements". At first I thought I might do another of my city quilts, this time in bright colors and then I remembered something I had seen on one of my trips.  A few years ago I was in Vienna and one of the "must see's" is Hundertwasser Village, the creation of Austrian artist, Fredensreich Hundertwasser. I thought the colorful buildings were fantastic and knew that I would try to interpret it in a quilt some day.  Well, that thought languished, as many of mine do, until now when I think it will be perfect.

Can you see why I was so excited about it?   All that color, all those wonky lines.

He also used a lot of black and white, especially in the interiors.

 I went through my stash of hand-dyes and pulled these out.  I also have a large black and white collection and I may use some of those, too.

Stay tuned and I will show you my progress.


Regina B Dunn said...

Oh, yes. Those fabrics will make a great interpretation of that photo.

Linda M said...

I've been there also, his work is some of my favorite. Can't wait to see how you interpret it.

Sarah said...

Ooh this is an exciting project. I'm looking forward to seeing this develop. The other place that comes to my mind is Barcelona and Gaudi's architecture!