Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Totally Texture

I know that I said that I would post about London, and I will, but first I wanted to show you the pictures of my FiberWorks group current exhibit at the Newtown, CT library.  I was away when they hung the show and I wasn't able to get over to see it until yesterday.

All of the quilts are 30" square and they are all perfectly square. If they don't look that way it is my photography.  I didn't use a tripod and for a couple of them I couldn't get far enough away to get a full shot.  Excuses, excuses, but trust me that they are all gorgeous and all full of texture.

Here they are in no particular order.

The poster greeting you at the front of the exhibit.

Andrea Shedletsky--Heart in Hand

Beth Johnson--Heat Wave

Carolyn Cooney--Forest Floor

Christine Wilkinson--Skyscape

Gwen Hendrix--Luminarye

Jamie Lynch--From Beginning to End

Nike Cutsumpas--Readying for Rebirth

Nike Cutsumpas--Counterpoint

Norma Schlager --Radically Red

Paula West--Wooly Wonky

Norma Schlager--Transformation

Paula West--Orion Nebula

Suzanne Lehman--Nazca Lines

The show will be up until November 7, so if you are in the area, please stop by.  Click on any picture for a bigger view of all.

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Martha Ginn said...

Wish I could see the exhibit in person; your Radically Red is spectacular!