Friday, October 18, 2013


My pictures from the trip seems to have gotten all jumbled up on the computer, leaving me saying,"Is that the Tower of London or Oxford or St. Paul's Cathedral or Windsor Castle?"  After awhile all of the castles and churches start to look alike. So I am only going to show you a few that I am sure of and some things that just struck my fancy.

We stayed at the Langham Hotel in London and we loved it.  It was 5 star and quite luxurious and right in the center of town so that we could walk to a lot of things, including the Mac store on Regent Street when my iPhone acted up.  The lobby wasn't huge but the aroma of roses greeted you as you walked in the door.  There were flowers everywhere.
This was one of two enormous arrangements at either side of the entry.  The pink  hydrangeas were as big as your head and they were filled in with pink roses.

Two days later they replaced the pink hydrangea with dark russet (which to me got kind of lost) and a different color rose,

There were arrangements of roses everywhere.  That's me in the mirror trying to get a shot as we got off the elevator.

I always love the flower boxes in Europe and this was so typical.  I think this was at Oxford, thus the bicycles.

This art installation was at the Tower of London, or was it Winsdor Castle?  I'm not sure, but I thought they were fantastic.  They were lifesize, made of metal with some sort of wire mesh for the fur and there were several of them scattered throughout the grounds.  I was enchanted and took a lot of pictures of them.

Here's my sister.  Hmmmm, why does she get the cute tall guy?  Maybe because she's so pretty.

This was a dining hall at Oxford set up for a meal.  Doesn't it look like something right out of Harry Potter?

We had an incredible banquet at the Hall of Justice, where they still hold court.  We ate in an enormous room with vaulted stone ceilings that must have been 40 feet high.  We were treated to a gourmet meal, a live band, entertainment, and dancing, but this is what I took pictures of.
We couldn't read the plaque so we didn't know its significance or why it was there, but it was made entirely out of wire coat hangers.  It was in one of the many halls in the building.

We took a lovely lunch cruise on the Thames River and got to see a lot of the city highlights.

Not sure who this guy was, but I thought he was worth a picture.

All pictures are clickable for a bigger view.  I'll try to get to Edinburgh in the next couple of days.

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Thanks for the travelog, I've never done Paris or London.