Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nature's Beauty

Gwen, one of the members of our FiberWorks group, has chickens of different breeds (not sure if that's the right word) that lay different colored eggs.  She will bring a dozen to the meeting if you give her a little notice and this week she brought some to my house.

Aren't they beautiful?  The pictures don't do them justice, since the pale ones actually have a blue/green tinge.  I had one for lunch today, over-easy and the yolk was bright orange (should have snapped a picture) and it was delicious! I haven't had eggs this fresh in a long time. Many years ago there was a local farmer that sold eggs, but he is long gone.  Who knows the age of the eggs we get in the supermarket?

So thank you, Gwen.  I am having house guests this weekend and I will offer these for breakfast.  Even if they don't want any I will be sure to show them off.


Cindy Green said...

Wow, they are lovely to look at and I'm sure they had so much flavor! Enjoy!

Gwen said...

So glad you liked them, Norma! ;)

Chiquita said...

This is awesome!