Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Piece

One of the art quilt groups to which I belong, FANE, hangs a show at the Mahopac Library every year.  They are always small pieces that can be mounted on white artist canvases, all the same size. This year we are to make a piece that has more than one component and is inspired by a line of poetry or song. The components have to fit inside a 14" parameter and will be mounted on 18" square white canvases.

This is what I cam up with.  The background is a striated batik that just happened to be the perfect color for sand and water. First I quilted the backgrounds and made sea weed with different fancy stitches and heavy thread.  Then I made more seaweed with double faced fabrics and fancy yarns, twisted and tacked down by hand.  The corals were made the same way.  The fish were fussy cut from a commercial print.

It took me quite awhile to do with all that hand work, but I'm not sure if I love it or if it is too pedestrian.  I worked on another piece all weekend, much simpler and perhaps more sophisticated.  I have a bit more to do before it's finished, so I don't want to show it yet.


Vivien Zepf said...

I rather like this, Norma. What line of poetry or song is going with it?

Wil said...

They are fun!

Natalya Aikens said...