Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I thought I would start out the new year by showing you some new work from my studio.  Every year our Woman's Club has an Arts and Crafts competition in February.  Last year there was a very poor showing, although there was some lovely work there, just not very much.  This year I am co-chair and I vowed to talk it up and get a bigger turnout this year, starting with myself. Last year I was just as guilty, exhibiting only one small quilt. This year I hope to have a few things to enter, starting with this purse made from an old felted sweater. I will enter it in the Recycled category.

Even the ribbon trim is recycled because I cut it off an old jacket.

I lined it with a pretty batik print in the same colors as the ribbon and put two pockets in.

The felting was fun to do.  I had purchased this lamb's wool/angora blend sweater at Good Will.  I put it in the washing machine with very hot water and a little dish detergent, then dried it in a hot dryer.  I did this three times and what was once a sweater that fit me turned into a very thick sweater that might fit a baby. It was very hard to sew through by hand.  To weave those ribbons through I had to use pliers to pull the needle.  I purchased and fleted six more sweaters (just got carried away) and have to decide how to use them.  I'm thinking of a Kindle cover and more purses.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy, prosperous and creative New Year!.

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Vivien Zepf said...

This is wonderful in person and such a good idea!