Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Storm King Art Center

 Today I took a trip with eleven other Woman Club members to the Storm King Art Center in the beautiful Hudson Highlands of New York State.  There are over 500 acres of rolling hills, meadows, and woodlands that provide a background for over 100 post World War 11 sculptures by internationally famous artists.  There is also a small indoor gallery with changing exhibits. I will show you just a few of those today.

None of us could figure this one out.  There is  a small iron at the end of the board.  What do you think it's all about? Sorry that I didn't write down the artist or title.

 The artist, Peter Coffin, collected snap shots of rainbows and combined them to form this spiral.

This is one of the two Alyson Shotz's sculptures made of acrylic in this room with a white floor.  You had to take your shoes off to go inside and walk around the sculptures.  They appeared to change colors according to the light and reflections.

This room was at the end of a long hall with room running off either side.  This seemed to be framed by the doorways.  It was hard to photograph.

Peter Coffin's Untitled (Yellow Outline)  perfectly framed the landscape.

Please come back tomorrow for outdoor sculptures.

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