Friday, January 13, 2012


The Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway version of Phantom of the Opera has been running for 25 years, yet I had never seen it. My late husband was not a lover of the theater and for some reason I never thought of going without him. After he passed away and I started going to the theater quite a bit, it seemed like everyone I knew had already seen it. But Wednesday I went into NYC with two friends, one who had never seen it, like me, and another friend who was seeing it for her fourth time! The stranger sitting next to me in the theater was also seeing it for the fourth time. The music was beautiful and it's hard to get some of the songs out of your head. The young woman who played Christine was lovely and had a magnificent voice. I'm always amazed at how the actors make it seem fresh and new each time they perform, even though they've done it countless times. So now I can cross one more thing off my bucket list.


Martha said...

Oh, how lucky to live close enough to go to NYC for plays, concerts, etc. I saw Phantom as a road show in New Orleans, but to see the "real" one on Broadway--the best! I, too, am enjoying activities that Roy did not like to do, and my daughter and I go to the movies at least once a week rather than only relying on Netflix. Saw We Bought a Zoo last night. Sad and funny and touching; I recommend it.

Sue said...

It wasn't on my list of Broadway shows but took our teenage granddaughter a few years ago and I became a fan. Great music, great theater...a classic.

Thought you might be on another trip when there were no blog updates for a bit. ! You need to escape that COLD.....come South !