Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The big cleanup continues

The recycling pick-up men must have thought that I had received a ludicrous amount of Christmas gifts when they saw this huge pile of broken down boxes and blue or white recycling bags full of stuff. Little did they know that it was a ten year accumulation of packing boxes and other detritus from my basement. I wrote about it a couple of posts back. My trash gets picked up once a week. First the garbage men come and then much later in the day comes the recycling truck. It is quite full when it gets to us. I watched from an upstairs window as the man threw the bundles and bags into the truck. About every third one would fall back out (sometimes twice) before he got them to stay. I found it quite humorous, but I'll bet he was cursing up a storm. Wait until he sees what I have for him next week. It won't be as bad, but the cleanup goes on.


Melanie said...

It seems that the paper never ends, doesn't it? I've been throwing out contractor size bags of paper for months and am only beginning to see a slight pale gleam of light signaling the end of the pile.

Congrats on the progress and Happy New Year to you!

Cindy said...

Yes, when it's all piled up like that you get a great feeling of accomplishment, don't you? It feels good to get rid of all the baggage, doesn't it? I love your New Year's song - very touching. Happy New Year and all the best in 2012!