Friday, July 1, 2011

Creative Every Day/Blue Theme

Leah Piken Kolidos has a blog called Creative Every Day where she challenges other bloggers to do just that. She picks a different theme every month and this month the theme is the color Blue. She also has Create Art Every Day in November, where participants are to create a new piece of art every day and post it on their blog. I did it once and it was challenging, but I did keep up with it, mostly making small pieces or fabric post cards. You can also go to her blog to see what all the other participants are doing.

This theme was almost too easy for me. I love blue in its many shades and most of my house is decorated in some shade of blue and white. You don't have to make something everyday, just be aware of the color blue and post a picture. I know that I will post some pictures of things in my home, but I'll also try to be creative.

These beautiful blue Scaevola are a favorite summer annual. They bloom and bloom all summer long. I have two big pots on my front porch and another on my back deck. I also have them planted in the ground around my mailbox. I know that it's a purple blue, but it's still blue to me. In fact this variety is called Blue Fan. They require very little care, since there is no dead-heading involved. However if they are in a container, they must be watered every day or they will go into a big sulky, droopy pout. I also fertilize weekly with Miracle Grow, as I do with all my annuals.

Come back tomorrow for "something blue".

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