Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quilt Festival in Lowell

We had a wonderful time in Lowell. MA over the weekend at the quilt festival. Usually it is hot and humid for the festival, but this year was delightful. Warm, sunny, and dry. Perfect for walking from venue to venue. I took a lot of pictures, but am only posting pictures where I got the artist's permission .

Please click on each picture for a bigger view.

Here's Benedicte Caneill with her two quilts at the Brush Gallery.

Detail of one of Benedicte's quilt. She mono-prints all her fabric, starting with black fabric. Then cuts it up, sews it back together and often adds more paint. She has been getting accepted into so many shows, including Visions and winning the Cream Award at Elements.

Debbie Bein with her quilt, Mona. This won Best of Show at our guild quilt show. She has also been accepted into Visions, with a different quilt. Notice the smashing vest she made to go with this quilt.

Margaret Phillip's "Girl Before Mirror. This was displayed at the Whistler where it won Juror's Choice Award. The hand quilting on this is amazing!

"Klimpt Abstracted" by Margaret Rolph. I love the way she is dressed to match her quilt. She even made the necklace she is wearing to coordinate with it.

Diane Wright's "After Matisse"

Diane Wright, again. "Tide Pooling: After Audubon"

Carolyn Spiegel with her painted quilt at the Brush Gallery. Sorry, I didn't get the title.

Kate Themel's "The Kiss" inspired by Klimpt

"No Matter How YOu Zip It: An Ode to Mondrian" by Mimmi Wohlberg.

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Diane Wright said...

You did a wonderful job of chronicling our "buds"!! Thanks!