Thursday, April 9, 2009


I ordered some small plastic bags and a few beads from Robin Atkins and was pleasantly surprised to see them wrapped in this lovely dragonfly tissue paper.  Isn't it pretty? I hope I can find a way to incorporate it into a quilt.

It's such a nice day today here in CT.  It's sunny and warm, but not hot.  Just perfect for this time of year.  It makes up for the snow flurries we had yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Very classy tissue. And to receive it as wrapping in a mail order. How fun is that!
It was a lovely day here in Vermont too. The wind was rather high though and it stirred up the grit left on the roads from the winter. As for Spring, we've made about 2.5 gallons of maple syrup this year and I saw my first robin on April Fool's Day. And there are a few little bright green pokey things up in the garden. Maybe by May....