Friday, May 22, 2020

This and That

My sister is making coiled baskets and I was inspired to make one from the little strips of scraps from that colorful quilt I was working on before I got sick. I had to cut a one inch strip from each block and was just tossing them in the basket. But I pulled them out thinking they would be useful for something and this little scrappy basket was perfect.
It's not very big, but a good size for gathering things in my studio.

I made the above baskets last year. The chicken was challenging, but I think she's so cute.

The sequin ribbon arrived from MIchaels. They said it was reversible yet the back side was just this black meshy fabric.

Then I realized that if you brush the sequins in the opposite direction, you get silver sequins.

Here it is on a four inch ornament. I love the way it fills in that gap.

And the end of the masks. A friend requested blues and greens and one dark blue. I still have to put the ribbons on. I am finished making masks. My next big project will be to quilt that pretty pastel quilt.

I am linking up with Off the Wall Friday.


Angela said...

Your ornaments is SO pretty!

Sylvia said...

Love the bowls! I have made a lot of them over the years. But none as fancy as your chicken!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Each basket has such personality. My granddaughters would love the ornament. They regularly sport the current fashion trend of flip sequin embellishments. The more sparkly, pink and purple, with a mermaid or unicorn theme the better.