Saturday, October 28, 2017


We visited the infamous tunnel system that the Vietcong had built in the jungles of South Vietnam. They were quite extensive, with living areas, first aid room, weapon rooms, etc. They even made sandals down there, made out of old tires, and uniforms. There were also booby traps, which the guide demonstrated. I didn't get a picture, but if one fell into it he would be impaled on sharpened bamboo spikes. 
The guides talked freely about the war with no animosity. One would think that they would hate the Americans after all the damage that was done, but they do not. However, they are not fond of the French.

Here the guide shows us the hidden entries and how they were disguised. We were able to go into sections of the tunnels, but most (including me) opted not to. 

You would never suspect that they were there.

The next pictures show some homes along the river. Very primitive living conditions. These people usually make their living by fishing. The last photo in this group shows a fish farm. You might not want to eat farmed fish again.

We stopped at a complex where they made rice wine, including this variety that had snake in it. Called of course, snake wine. We each got a taste and it was potent. Supposed to cure all ailments.

Here's Mickie, the animal lover in our group, with her new best friend. I did pet it but never did drape it over my neck. It was very heavy, about 50 pounds.

I had been concerned about the weather since I hate hot and humid. And it was. HOT and HUMID! I very seldom perspire, but did I ever!

More to come, so please come back. Be sure to click on the pictures twice for bigger views

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Kevan Lunney said...

oh Norma! These pictures were wonderful! What an experience! I think you were very brave. It sounds like difficult conditions. Thanks for sharing the adventure