Sunday, September 10, 2017

Opening Night

Thursday night was the opening for Patterns at City Lights Gallery. I had shown you the postcard for the show here, featuring one of my quilts from the show. I was so pleased when I walked in. My big red quilt, Salsa City, was the first thing you saw when you walked in and the only piece on that wall. The lighting was fantastic and every stitch showed.

My second quilt, City Lights, was around the corner, also the only one on the wall and with the title of the show.

Quilt number three, Twilight City, again on its own wall.

I was the only quilt artist in the show. Gwen Hendrix, also worked in fiber, but not quilts.

Gwen had two large, one medium size and 3 small pieces in the show.

Tim Reimer made these fabulous paintings using spray paint and tape. They were multi layered and his sense of color was stunning. I really lusted after one of his smaller pieces, but my walls at home are full. He had several pantings there, but this one spoke to me.

These were also by Tim. He puts his wet canvas in the rain to get these raised dots then brings it in and adds more paint.

This phenomenal outdoor art was by Liz Squillace. The photo below shows her mockup and painting made prior to her installation. The staircase was right outside the gallery and was amazing.

It was a lovely opening with a nice sized crowd. I got to talk to some very interesting people and I had a lot of positive feedback. I was video taped, something I've never done before and Jane snapped a couple of shots of me giving my talk.

The show will be up util October 13. If you are in  the area, please stop in. The hours are on the card

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Linda M said...

Wow, your quilts look fabulous and what excellent company they are with! Congratulations!

Marianne said...

Bravo vos quilts sont magnifiques et cette exposition a l'air top:))))