Friday, August 18, 2017

Sun #9

My prompt for this month was to use a material or technique I had never used before. I had purchased this package of metallic mesh several years ago and it had been languishing on my shelf. Fortunately I was able to locate it. The piece had two finished edges and the other two edges were very loose and unravelly. I taped those edges with scotch tape and then pleated it, holding the pleats in place with fine pins and then sewed that to the background blue.

The face is made of ultra suede. I have a bin of odd pieces and this was the only color that was sun-like. I decided to give her a very feminine face since the rays are so girly. This was the only one where the face is not stitched. I did it all with permanent markers.

I'm linking up with Off The Wall Friday.


quiltedfabricart said...

The sultry suede took the markers well. Usually it doesn't. It must have a very short nap. I should challenge myself, maybe I would use up some of that stuff that be been saving forever.

LA Paylor said...

nice textures. I can see that mesh in abstract ways too. The face is beautiful!
I have some plastic mesh with rhinestones I want to use, and some mesh paper. It's a challenge.

Linda M said...

That's quite a glamorous sun!

Sarah said...

The face is lovely. Very pouty lips and fabulous eyebrows!