Saturday, January 28, 2017

More Babies

My great nephew and his wife are expecting twin boys. As usual I made them baby quilts. I did not want them to be the same, but still somehow "go together". I used flannel and a very simple patchwork pattern. I hope these quilts will be used and dragged around and machine washed often.

This pattern calls for two coordinating fabrics with one contrast for the inner border and the binding.

I quilted them on my mostly-unused Sweet Sixteen and it behaved itself very nicely. It allowed me to do much more quilting than I usually do on a baby quilt.


On this one the two fabrics went together too well and it's a little hard to see that it is actually two different fabrics. Note to self..choose fabrics that have more contrast the next time.

I still love the animal print and the big polka dots and the colors.


Now I just have to make the labels, sew them on and get them shipped off to Baltimore.

I'm linking up with Off the Wall Friday.


nancy buonamassa said...

She will LOVE them!! She will also love that they will have their own individual looking blankets!! As always, you out did yourself!!! Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

Kaja said...

Wish them luck from me!