Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Caught In the Act

I have two tomato plants in one big pot on my deck. The plants have gotten huge and are covered with fruit, most of them green right now. They are Sun Golds, a small orangey tomato that is super sweet. I just love them and often eat them right off the vine, savoring their warmth from the sun.

Well, I know I'm not the only one who likes them. I caught this little fellow in the act. I was able to get quite close with my camera before he scampered under the railing painter next to him with just enough room for him to fit. After I left he ran out again to finish his feast.

A small section of the plants. The chipmunk must jump up on the the railing, using a small table nearby to start his jump, then scurry along the railing to eat his purloined goods. That's OK, I have a lot to share and I don't think he eats very much.

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Regina B Dunn said...

How I love chipmunks! We don't have any where I live. I know you aren't supposed to feed wildlife, but I think if we had chipmunks, I'd try to hand feed and tame a few. They are so adorable.